Low-Dose Midazolam Attenuates Predatory Odor Avoidance in Rats

  title={Low-Dose Midazolam Attenuates Predatory Odor Avoidance in Rats},
  author={Robert A Dielenberg and Jonathon C. Arnold and Iain S McGregor},
  journal={Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior},
Previous studies have shown that predatory odors are a potent anxiogenic stimulus for rodents, yet the ability of benzodiazepines to block odor-induced anxiety remains uncertain. The present study reevaluated this issue using a novel apparatus that, in contrast to previous studies, allowed rats to hide from the odor in a small wooden "hide box" placed within a larger arena. The odor stimulus used was a fabric cat collar that had been worn by a domestic cat for a period of 3 weeks. The… CONTINUE READING

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