Low-Distortion Sinewave Generation Method Using Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  title={Low-Distortion Sinewave Generation Method Using Arbitrary Waveform Generator},
  author={Kazuyuki Wakabayashi and Keisuke Kato and Takafumi Yamada and Osamu Kobayashi and Haruo Kobayashi and Fumitaka Abe and Kiichi Niitsu},
  journal={J. Electronic Testing},
This paper describes algorithms for generating a low-distortion single-tone signal, for testing ADCs, using an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG). The AWG consists of DSP (or waveform memory) and DAC, and the nonlinearity of the DAC generates distortion components. We propose here to use DSP algorithms to precompensate for the distortion. The DSP part of the AWG can interleave multiple signals with the same frequency but different phases at the input to the DAC, in order to precompensate for… CONTINUE READING