Low Bloom strength gelatin as a carrier for potential use in retinal sheet encapsulation and transplantation.


Retinal transplantation aims to restore vision for patients suffering from retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration. Because the retinal sheets are fragile in nature, it is difficult to maintain graft integrity during surgical manipulation and after transplantation. In the present work, we report the feasibility of applying sandwich-like gelatin membranes as encapsulating carriers for retinal sheet transplantation applications. The relationship between the Bloom index of gelatin and the functionality of carrier membranes was studied by determinations of mechanical property, dissolution degree, melting point, cytocompatibility, biocompatibility, and transplant transfer and encapsulation efficiency. Irrespective of their Bloom strength, the gelatin membranes had a thickness sufficient to provide mechanical support for retinal sheets and would be beneficial to overcome the fragility of transplants during intraocular delivery. It was found that the lower the Bloom value of gelatin, the lower melting point of membranes. This allowed for easy fabrication of a stable sandwich-like encapsulating structure at 37 degrees C. The gelatins with lower Bloom strengths could possibly be dissolved to an extent required for the establishment of close contact between the retinal grafts and defective tissues. In addition, the carrier membranes made from the gelatins with low Bloom values showed a relatively higher cytocompatibility and biocompatibility as well as a higher transfer and encapsulation efficiency as compared to those with high Bloom values. It is concluded that the effect of Bloom index of gelatin plays a significant role in the membrane functionality and the gelatins with low Bloom values have substantial potential to be further developed as effective encapsulating carriers for the intraocular delivery of retinal sheets.

DOI: 10.1021/bm801039n

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