Love and Intrigue

  title={Love and Intrigue},
  author={Fred Genschmer and Friedrich von Schiller and Frederick Rolf},
  journal={Open Book Classics},
Love an d In tigu e Schiller’s play Kabale und Liebe, usually translated into English as Love and Intrigue, represents the disastrous consequences that follow when social constraint, youthful passion, and ruthless scheming collide in a narrow se� ng. Wri� en between 1782 and 1784, the play bears the marks of life at the court of the despo� c Duke of Wür� emberg, from which Schiller had just fl ed, and of a fraught liaison he entered shortly a� er his fl ight. It tells the tale of a love aff air… 
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Acknowledgments Chronology Note on text references Introduction 1. Wurttemberg and Die Rauber 2. Mannheim: Fiesco and Kabale und Liebe 3. Early philosophy and poetry 4. Don Carlos 5. Weimar and Jena