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Louis Hébert , Tools for Text and Image Analysis : An Introduction to Applied Semiotics

  title={Louis H{\'e}bert , Tools for Text and Image Analysis : An Introduction to Applied Semiotics},
  author={Louis H{\'e}bert},
A tool introduced by Rastier (and based on Sowa, 1984), the semantic graph can be used to represent any semantic structure in terms of semes and the relations between them. The semes are the nodes of the semantic graph (shown in boxes or brackets) and the relations are the links (shown in ellipses or parentheses). The arrows indicate the direction of the relation between nodes. Most semantic structures can be described using fifteen or so different links – like ERG (ergative) for the agent of… 

From Semantics to Semiotics

Abstract The aim of this study is to analyze the semantic organization of the text “Shooting an Elephant.” The research is carried out with a multidisciplinary perspective using semantic and semiotic

Semiotic Annotation of Narrative Video Commercials: Bridging the Gap between Artifacts and Ontologies

—Drawing on semiotic theories, the paper proposes a new concept of annotation – called semiotic annotation – whose goal is to describe the multilayered articulation of meaning inscribed within

Semantic structuring of video collections fromspeech : segmentation and hyperlinking

This thesis offers automatic topic structuring techniques of audiovisual data to reveal the internal organization of each program, and studies the implications of the structure produced on various tasks such as creating hyperlinks between videos (to allow navigation between TV show fragments that are thematically related) or creating automatic summaries.

Narratology and character functions of Sohni Mahiwal: An actantial analysis

The study analyses Sohni Mahiwal, the renowned Punjabi folktale, by applying Greimas Actantial model for structural analysis. The purpose of this study is to explore the narrative structure and

A Methodology to Validate Interactive Storytelling Scenarios in Linear Logic

This paper proposes a methodology using Linear Logic, based on analyzing automatically the resource allocation mechanisms, that helps authors derive a valid scenario of an IS and proves the received sequent, which allows building and examining automatically all the possible branches in the scenario.

Semiotic Design of a Hypermedia for Cultural Heritage

A semiotic model inspired to the narrative, structural framework by A.J.Greimas and applied to the design and analysis of a hypermedia regarding a collection of ancient mosaics from a roman villa looks promising towards the definition of semiotic methodologies of hypermedia design.

The structure of poetry in the collection of Lawas Kusaremen

Various of lawas Sumbawa encountered a connotative meaning of speech and contains a philosophical element. Similarly, the studies that have been encountered before, more raised elements of symbols

Making sense of a game: a preliminary sketch for a semantic approach to games

A sketch for a semantic and semiotic analytic methodology for computer games will be outlined and such methodology will be field-tested on the computer game flOw.

Psycholinguistic Model of Abductive Reasoning in Fiction Narrative Discourse

Aim: The paper aims at defining the role of abductive reasoning in the reader’s interpretation of English fiction narrative text. Three research questions are defined as follows: (1) what is the


Through the characters of Zhenya and Boris, the film Nelyubov (2017) explores the issue of a toxic marriage. The story's theme reflects the complexities of the characters' relationships and the



Meaning and Textuality

Historically there has been a wide gulf between European and Anglo/American thought on the philosophy of language, in part because it is often difficult to find important European works in English

Renouvellement du modèle actantiel

Apres s'etre penche sur la maniere dont s'est contruit le modele actantiel (1966) de Greimas et avoir souligne les problemes qui existent en son sein, l'A. rappelle les evolutions subies par ce

De la vérité dans le langage

Cet article derive d'une communication faite dans un colloque et pour laquelle j'ai obtenu une subvention de la Faculte et du departement.

Cage d'oiseau". Regards et jeux dans l'espace. Montreal: Boréal

  • -SARTRE, J.-P. Nausea. New York: New Directions,
  • 1993

Types of negative retribution (punishment)

  • Types of negative retribution (punishment)

Dessin-poème avec élément insaisissable

  • Something Else Press,
  • 1967

Type 2 ¬PR: S ¬n O+: If you do X, I won't give you a carrot

  • Type 2 ¬PR: S ¬n O+: If you do X, I won't give you a carrot

Type 2 ¬NR: S ¬n O-: If you do X, I won't beat you

  • Type 2 ¬NR: S ¬n O-: If you do X, I won't beat you

Type 1 ¬NR: S u O-: If you do X, I will stop beating you

  • Type 1 ¬NR: S u O-: If you do X, I will stop beating you