• Chemistry
  • Published 2006

Lotion-treated tissue and towel

  title={Lotion-treated tissue and towel},
  author={ブライアン ジェイ シュー and ヤコブ エイチ プロップ and デイビッド ダブリュ ホワイト and ルー フォンヴィー},
On paper towels, it is included lotion emulsion disposed on the (a) cellulosic towel web, and (b) the towel web. Its lotion emulsion is substantially liquid at room temperature, polar emollient and a non-polar emollient, but further includes a surfactant composition comprising a nonionic surfactant, wherein and their softening agent select a surfactant composition, the lotion emulsion is fixed in a semi-solid or solid state onto the towel web, the lotion emulsion is to be able to form an… CONTINUE READING