Lotharingia as a Center of Arabic and Scientific Influence in the Eleventh Century

  title={Lotharingia as a Center of Arabic and Scientific Influence in the Eleventh Century},
  author={Mary Catherine Welborn},
  pages={188 - 199}
  • M. Welborn
  • Published 1 November 1931
  • Physics, History
  • Isis
Western European astronomers before the end of the tenth century were greatly handicapped in their work because of the lack of proper instruments for making observations. Up to that time their principal instruments were the Greek armillary sphere and the sun-dial. In reckoning the dates of Easter and the other movable feasts, and the lengths of years, months and days, they depended upon Easter cycles or tables which were founded upon those made at an earlier time by the Alexandrians. Although… 
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