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Lost in specialised translation: the corpus as an inexpensive and under-exploited aid for language service providers

  title={Lost in specialised translation: the corpus as an inexpensive and under-exploited aid for language service providers},
  author={G. C. Pastor},
Most translation activities nowadays involve the rendering of non-literary texts in the context of (semi-)specialised communication. The vast majority of translated texts usually belong to rather specialised and repetitive genres, which makes them particularly suitable for multilingual document management and CAT tools. In fact, translation memory systems (TMS) have proven an indispensable tool for professional translators in that they have been able to enhance the efficiency and cost… Expand
Language resources to be used in teaching of LSP and specialised translation: Annual Reports in the banking sector as ad-hoc parallel and comparable corpora, in English, French and Greek
This study investigates the use of corpora in teaching of LSP and specialised translation, summarising the findings of the analysis of Annual Reports in the banking sector in English, French andExpand


Parallel Concordancing and Translation
The main features of a Windows concordancer, ParaConc, focussing on alignment of parallel (translated) texts, general search procedures, identification of translation equivalents, and the furnishing of basic frequency information are outlined. Expand
Extending the scope of corpus-based research
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Computer-Aided Translation Technology: A Practical Introduction
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Corpus Presenter: Software for language analysis. With a manual and A Corpus of Irish English as sample data
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Corpus Presenter
  • Software for Language Analysis. With a manual and A Corpus of Irish English as sample data. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins. [+ CD-ROM]
  • 2003
E1 presente método de ensayo reproduce las directrices del documento OCDE TG
  • 2004
La traducción de textos médicos especializados a través de recursos electrónicos y corpus virtuales
  • L. González and P. Hernúñez. (eds.). 2004. Las palabras del traductor. Actas del II Congreso Internacional “El español, lengua de traducción”, 20 y 21 de mayo, Toledo 2004. Bruselas: Comisión Europea/ESLETRA. 137-164.
  • 2004
Manual de documentación y terminología para la traducción especializada