Lost in migration: document quality for batch conversion to PDF/A

  title={Lost in migration: document quality for batch conversion to PDF/A},
  author={Roland E. Suri and Mohamed El-Saad},
  journal={Libr. Hi Tech},
Purpose Changes in file format specifications challenge long-term preservation of digital documents. Digital archives thus often focus on specific file formats that are well suited for long-term preservation, such as the PDF/A format. Since only few customers submit PDF/A files, digital archives may consider converting submitted files to the PDF/A format. The paper aims to discuss these issues. Design/methodology/approach The authors evaluated three software tools for batch conversion of… 
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The migration and preservation of six Norwegian municipality record‐keeping systems: Lessons learned
The findings show that relevant issues are file‐format heterogeneity, collection volume, time and database structure evolution, and deviation from the governing standard in relation to the migration of municipality record‐keeping databases.


PDF to PDF/A: Evaluation of Converter Software for Implementation in Digital Repository Workflow
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Digital Preservation File Format Policies of ARL Member Libraries: An Analysis
The data show that file format policies have evolved little beyond the document and image digitization standards of traditional library reformatting programs, and that current approaches to file format policymaking must evolve to meet the challenges of research libraries' expanding digital repository services.
The Use of PDF/A in Digital Archives: A Case Study from Archaeology
It may be argued that factors effectively undermine some of the perceived cost benefit of moving from paper to digital, as well as the longer-term sustainability of PDF/A within digital archives.
Assessing Migration Risk for Scientific Data Formats
The approach is to gather information about potential migration mismatches and, using custom tools, evaluate a large collection of data files for the incidence of these risks, and finds that writing a tool to identify “risky” format features is considerably easier than writing a migration tool.
Art und Verteilung von PDF-Formaten auf wissenschaftlichen deutschen Repositorien mit Hinblick auf Langzeitarchivierung
Langzeitarchivierung ist schon seit langer Zeit ein wichtiges Thema in der Bibliothekswelt und wird dies naturgemas auch in Zukunft sein. Allerdings stellen der technische Fortschritt und die
An archival/records management perspective on PDF/A
It is emphasized that PDF/A must be implemented in conjunction with policies and procedures, including quality assurance procedures to ensure acceptable replication of source material.
Anleitung zum Konvertieren von Office- und PDF-Formaten nach PDF/A
  • 2013