Lost Histories of a Licit Figural Art

  title={Lost Histories of a Licit Figural Art},
  author={Finbarr Barry Flood},
  journal={International Journal of Middle East Studies},
  pages={566 - 569}
  • F. Flood
  • Published 30 July 2013
  • Art
  • International Journal of Middle East Studies
The idea that theology is either irrelevant to artistic production or “a baleful influence” on its history has recently been critically explored by Jeffrey Hamburger, in relation to medieval Christian art. Engaging the perennial problem of moving between immaterial concepts, normative texts, and material things, Hamburger's observations resonate with the long shadow cast by the Bilderverbot, the prohibition of images often assumed to characterize Islamic and Jewish cultures, on the modern… 
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The Bilderverbot, a new survey
The Islamic prohibition against images of living creatures is a well discussed subject of hadith literature). Over the past hundred years scholars like SNOUCK HUEGRONJB, LAMMBNS, CBESWELL, PABBT and
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See also Rudi Paret
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