Lossless Progressive Transmission of Scientific Data Using Biorthogonal Wavelet Transform


A new progressive transmission scheme using spline biorthogorial wavelet bases is proposed in this paper: First, several wavelet bases are compared with the spline biorthogonul nmvlet bases. By exploiting the properties of this set of wuvelet bases, a fast algorithm involving only additions and subtruc.tintts i s developed. Due to the multiresolutional nature cf the wavelet transform. this scheme is compatible with hierarchical-striictrcred rendering algorithms. The formula for reconstructing the functional rulues in U continuous volume spure is giimen iri U simple polytiomial form. Lossless compres.sim is possible, even when usirig floating-point riumbers. When the algorithm is applied to datafrom a global ocean model, the lossless compression ratio is about 1.5:I. Even with a comprewiort ratio of 50:I, the reconstructed data is still of good yriulity. Fittally, the reconstructed data is rendered using variori.~ risua1i:ution algorithms and the results are demonstrated.

DOI: 10.1109/ICIP.1994.413824

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