Loss of visual acuity after trabeculectomy.

  title={Loss of visual acuity after trabeculectomy.},
  author={Vital Paulino Costa and Morton Smith and George L. Spaeth and Sai B Gandham and Barry P. Markovitz},
  volume={100 5},
BACKGROUND Glaucoma filtration surgery can result in loss of visual acuity by a variety of mechanisms. The existence of "wipe-out" (loss of the central visual field in the absence of other explanation) as a cause of postoperative loss of visual acuity has been debated. This study defines the incidence and etiology of visual acuity loss within 3 months of trabeculectomy. METHODS The authors reviewed 508 eyes of 440 patients who underwent trabeculectomy to find cases of postoperative visual… CONTINUE READING


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