Loss of serum bicarbonate after discordant liver xenotransplantation.

  title={Loss of serum bicarbonate after discordant liver xenotransplantation.},
  author={April L Goller and Toshio Miki and A Tandin and Youngkyun Lee and A M Kovscek and John J. Fung and Thomas E. Starzl and Luis A Valdivia},
  journal={Transplantation proceedings},
  volume={32 5},
I T IS A concern in liver xenotransplantation (XTx) that discordant combinations might not be sufficiently compatible for physiologic functioning in the recipient. Closer examination of the guinea pig(GP) to-rat liver XTx model uncovered potential incompatibilities in bile production between these species. GP (along with rabbits) have the greatest bile flow… CONTINUE READING