Loss of p53 induces tumorigenesis in p21-deficient mesenchymal stem cells.

  title={Loss of p53 induces tumorigenesis in p21-deficient mesenchymal stem cells.},
  author={Ren{\'e} Rodriguez and Ruth {\'A}gueda Rubio and Manuel Masip and Purificaci{\'o}n Catalina and Ana Nieto and Teresa de la Cueva and Mar Arriero and Nuria San Mart{\'i}n and Ernesto de la Cueva and Dimitrios Balomenos and P. J. Men{\'e}ndez and Javier Garc{\'i}a-Castro},
  volume={11 4},
There is growing evidence about the role of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) as cancer stem cells in many sarcomas. Nevertheless, little is still known about the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying MSCs transformation. We aimed at investigating the role of p53 and p21, two important regulators of the cell cycle progression and apoptosis normally involved in protection against tumorigenesis. Mesenchymal stem cells from wild-type, p21(-/-)p53(+/+), and p21(-/-)p53(+/-) mice were cultured in… CONTINUE READING
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