Loss of Self-Inhibition Is a Cellular Mechanism for Episodic Rhythmic Behavior

  title={Loss of Self-Inhibition Is a Cellular Mechanism for Episodic Rhythmic Behavior},
  author={Kevin Staras and Ildiko Kemenes and Paul R. Benjamin and Gy{\"o}rgy Kemenes},
  journal={Current Biology},
BACKGROUND Rhythmic motor behaviors can be generated continuously (e.g., breathing) or episodically (e.g., locomotion, swallowing), when short or long bouts of rhythmic activity are interspersed with periods of quiescence. Although the mechanisms of rhythm generation are known in detail in many systems, there is very little understanding of how the episodic nature of rhythmic behavior is produced at the neuronal level. RESULTS Using a well-established episodic rhythm-generating neural circuit… CONTINUE READING
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