Loss of Nrdp1 enhances ErbB2/ErbB3-dependent breast tumor cell growth.

  title={Loss of Nrdp1 enhances ErbB2/ErbB3-dependent breast tumor cell growth.},
  author={Lily Yen and Zhongwei Cao and Xiuli Wu and Ellen R. Q. Ingalla and Colin A. Baron and Lawrence J. T. Young and Jeffrey Paul Gregg and Robert Cardiff and Alexander D. Borowsky and Colleen A. Sweeney and Kermit L. Carraway},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={66 23},
Dysregulation of ErbB receptor tyrosine kinases is thought to promote mammary tumor progression by stimulating tumor cell growth and invasion. Overexpression and aberrant activation of ErbB2/HER2 confer aggressive and malignant characteristics to breast cancer cells, and patients displaying ErbB2-amplified breast cancer face a worsened prognosis. Recent studies have established that ErbB2 and ErbB3 are commonly co-overexpressed in breast tumor cell lines and in patient samples. ErbB2… CONTINUE READING


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