Loss of Environmental Enrichment Elicits Behavioral and Physiological Dysregulation in Female Rats

  title={Loss of Environmental Enrichment Elicits Behavioral and Physiological Dysregulation in Female Rats},
  author={Rachel L. Morano and Olivia Hoskins and Brittany L Smith and J. Herman},
  journal={Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience},
Chronic stress drives behavioral and physiological changes associated with numerous psychiatric disease states. In rodents, the vast majority of chronic stress models involve imposition of external stressors, whereas in humans stress is often driven by internal cues, commonly associated with a sense of loss. We previously exposed groups of rats to environmental enrichment (EE) for a protracted period (1 month), followed by removal of enrichment (ER), to induce an experience of loss in male rats… Expand

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