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Los skarns de Fe de Vegas Peladas: características geológicas, mineralógicas y distribución de las paragénesis minerales

  title={Los skarns de Fe de Vegas Peladas: caracter{\'i}sticas geol{\'o}gicas, mineral{\'o}gicas y distribuci{\'o}n de las parag{\'e}nesis minerales},
  author={J. M. Pons and M. Franchini and A. Impiccini},
The Fe Skarn of Vegas Peladas: Geologic and mineralogic characteristics and distribution of the mineral paragenesis. The Vegas Peladas iron prospect (Cordillera Principal, SW de Mendoza) is hosted in Jurassic marine sedimentary siliciclastic (Puchenque Formation), calcareous (Calabozo Formation) and evaporitic (Auquilco Formation) rocks affected by Neogene magmatism (15.19 ± 0.24 Ma, Rb-Sr whole rock) and tectonism. Four intrusive events are associated with hydrothermal alteration and… Expand
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