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  title={Los Alamos National Laboratory},
  author={Ted Taylor},
Mr. Ted Taylor Los Alamos Area Office US Department of Energy, MS A316 Los Alamos, NM 87544 SUBJECT: INTERIM ACTION PLAN FOR ACTIVITIES AT TA-35, PRSs 35-003(d, I, and q) Dear Ted: Enclosed for your records please find a copy of the Interim Action Plan for activities at Technical Area 35, Potential Release Sites 35-003(d, I, and q). These activities are planned for completion in Fiscal Year 1996. Informational copies of this plan are being distributed to the regulators. If you have any… Expand
National Laser Users ’ Facility and External Users ’ Programs
LLE Review, Volume 124 229 Under the facility governance plan implemented in FY08 to formalize the scheduling of the Omega Laser Facility as an NNSA User Facility, Omega Facility shots are allocatedExpand
A “Star Wars” sequel? The allure of directed energy for space weapons
ABSTRACT The high-energy lasers of the 1980s were unwieldy assemblages of tanks, tubes, and plumbing that produced light by burning flowing gases, and the space shuttle was not ready for “spaceExpand
The CommuniTy earTh SySTem model
T he National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has a proud history of strong collaboration with scientists from universities, national laboratories, and other research organizations to develop,Expand
Technical Reviewers
  • 2009
Abbott, R., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Abou-Sena, A., University of California-Los Angeles Ahn, M-Y., National Fusion Research Institute–Korea Albert, T., Commonwealth TechnologyExpand
Determining the average prompt-fission-neutron multiplicity for 239 Pu ( n , f ) via a 240 Pu ( α , α ′ f ) surrogate reaction
B. S. Wang, ∗ J. T. Burke, O. A. Akindele, 2 R. J. Casperson, R. O. Hughes, J. D. Koglin, K. Kolos, E. B. Norman, 1 S. Ota, and A. Saastamoinen Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore,Expand
Cold Test Measurements on the GTF Prototype RF Gun
The SSRL Gun Test Facility (GTF) was built to develop a high brightness electron injector for the LCLS and has been operational since 1996. Based on longitudinal phase space measurements showing aExpand
Surface wave tomography from microseisms in Southern California
Received 5 April 2005; revised 23 May 2005; accepted 9 June 2005; published 26 July 2005. [1] Since it has already been demonstrated that point-topoint seismic propagation Green Functions can beExpand
What Are the Challenges in Developing Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS)? Observations from 64 EGS Sites
Since the 1970s, numerous projects have experimented with methods to enhance permeability at both existing and new geothermal sites. While the accomplishments and findings of these EnhancedExpand
PSFC/JA-20-80 Constraining Physical Models at Gigabar Pressures
1Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, 14627, USA 2Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, 14627, USA 3DepartmentExpand
An External Dose Assessment of Worker during RadWaste Treatment Facility Decommissioning
Background: Kori unit #1 is permanently shut down after a 40-year lifetime. The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission recommends establishing initial decommissioning plans for all nuclear andExpand


Optimal approximations by piecewise smooth functions and associated variational problems
Abstract : This reprint will introduce and study the most basic properties of three new variational problems which are suggested by applications to computer vision. In computer vision, a fundamentalExpand
Active contours without edges
We propose a new model for active contours to detect objects in a given image, based on techniques of curve evolution, Mumford-Shah (1989) functional for segmentation and level sets. Our model canExpand
Filling-in by joint interpolation of vector fields and gray levels
A variational approach for filling-in regions of missing data in digital images is introduced. The approach is based on joint interpolation of the image gray levels and gradient/isophotes directions,Expand
A Remark on Computing Distance Functions
We propose a new method for the reconstruction of the signed distance function in the context of level set methods. The new method is a modification of the algorithm which makes use of the PDEExpand
Scale-Space and Edge Detection Using Anisotropic Diffusion
A new definition of scale-space is suggested, and a class of algorithms used to realize a diffusion process is introduced, chosen to vary spatially in such a way as to encourage intra Region smoothing rather than interregion smoothing. Expand
Image inpainting
A novel algorithm for digital inpainting of still images that attempts to replicate the basic techniques used by professional restorators, and does not require the user to specify where the novel information comes from. Expand
Image inpainting
  • In Proceedings of SIGGRAPH
  • 2000
A new image processing primitive: reconstructing images from modified flow fields
  • A new image processing primitive: reconstructing images from modified flow fields
  • 1999
The wavelet tutorial
  • The wavelet tutorial