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Los Alamos National Laboratory Develops ''Quick to WIPP'' Strategy

  title={Los Alamos National Laboratory Develops ''Quick to WIPP'' Strategy},
  author={R. Jones and G. Allen and S. Kosiewicz and B. Martin and J. Nunz and J. Biedscheid and T. Sellmer and J. Willis and J. Orban and K. Liekhus and S. Djordjevic},
The Cerro Grande forest fire in May of 2000 and the terrorist events of September 11, 2001 precipitated concerns of the vulnerability of legacy contact-handled (CH), high-wattage transuranic (TRU) waste stored at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). An analysis of the 9,100 cubic meters of stored CH-TRU waste revealed that 400 cubic meters or 4.5% of the inventory represented 61% of the risk. The analysis further showed that this 400 cubic meters was contained in only 2,000 drums. These facts… Expand
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