Los "chinos" de Nueva España: migración asiática en el México colonial

  title={Los "chinos" de Nueva Espa{\~n}a: migraci{\'o}n asi{\'a}tica en el M{\'e}xico colonial},
  author={Rub{\'e}n Carrillo Mart{\'i}n},
From 1565 to 1815, between 10,000 and 20,000 Asians crossed the Pacific from Manila to Acapulco on board the Manila Galleon. Despite coming from an extensive geographical area which included regions from Southern, Southeast and East Asia, these immigrants were given the generic name of “Chinese”. This group spread and settled in large areas of the viceroyalty, above all along the Pacific coast in towns between Acapulco and Mexico City and in the main cities of the high plateau. The story of… Expand


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