Lord Cromer: Practitioner and Philosopher of Imperialism

  title={Lord Cromer: Practitioner and Philosopher of Imperialism},
  author={Robert L. Tignor},
  journal={Journal of British Studies},
  pages={142 - 159}
  • R. Tignor
  • Published 1 May 1963
  • History
  • Journal of British Studies
For many Englishmen Lord Cromer was the embodiment of the British imperial tradition. As one who had spent the greater part of his lifetime in the East representing British power and had crowned his career by being virtual ruler of occupied Egypt from 1883 to 1907, he had come increasingly to symbolize the proconsular tradition in British imperialism. His retirement from his post as Consul-General of Egypt had seemed to many the end of an era. Or as the editors of the Living Age had put it… 
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