Loose women or lost women? The re-emergence of the myth of white slavery in contemporary discourses of trafficking in women

  title={Loose women or lost women? The re-emergence of the myth of white slavery in contemporary discourses of trafficking in women},
  author={Jo Doezema},
  journal={Gender Issues},
  • J. Doezema
  • Published 2000
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Gender Issues
This article compares current concerns about “trafficking in women” with turn of the century discourses about “white slavery.” It traces the emergence of narratives on “white slavery” and their re-emergence in the moral panics and boundary crises of contemporary discourses on “trafficking in women.” Drawing on historical analysis and contemporary representations of sex worker migration, the paper argues that the narratives of innocent, virginal victims purveyed in the “trafficking in women… Expand
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