Looking for syringyl peroxidases.

  title={Looking for syringyl peroxidases.},
  author={Alfonso Ros Barcel{\'o} and Laura Vanesa G{\'o}mez Ros and Alberto Esteban Carrasco},
  journal={Trends in plant science},
  volume={12 11},
Lignins are cell wall heteropolymers that arise from the peroxidase-mediated coupling of p-coumaryl, coniferyl and sinapyl alcohols. In gymnosperms, they are derived from coniferyl alcohol, whereas in angiosperms, lignins are derived from coniferyl and sinapyl alcohols. Thus, although it is frequently assumed that the chemical complexity of lignins has increased during plant evolution, it is frequently forgotten that pteridophytes have lignins that are derived from sinapyl alcohol. Until… CONTINUE READING


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