Looking for partially-massless gravity

  title={Looking for partially-massless gravity},
  author={E. Joung and K. Mkrtchyan and G. Poghosyan},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
We study the possibility for a unitary theory of partially-massless (PM) spin-two field interacting with Gravity in arbitrary dimensions. We show that the gauge and parity invariant interaction of PM spin two particles requires the inclusion of specific massive spin-two fields and leads to a reconstruction of Conformal Gravity, or multiple copies of the latter in even dimensions. By relaxing the parity invariance, we find a possibility of a unitary theory in four dimensions, but this theory… Expand
A theory for multiple partially massless spin-2 fields
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Interactions for Partially-Massless Spin-2 Fields
Partially massless (PM) fields of spin-2 have been subject to renewed attention in recent years after the important advances made in the understanding of massive gravity [1,2]. In four-dimensional deExpand
Supersymmetric partially massless fields and non-unitary superconformal representations
A bstractWe find and classify the N=1$$ \mathcal{N}=1 $$ SUSY multiplets on AdS4 which contain partially massless fields. We do this by studying the non-unitary representations of the d = 3Expand
AdS$_3$/AdS$_2$ degression of massless particles
We study a 3d/2d dimensional degression which is a Kaluza-Klein type mechanism in AdS3 space foliated into AdS2 hypersurfaces. It is shown that an AdS3 massless particle of spin s = 1, 2, ...,∞Expand
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No-go theorems for unitary and interacting partially massless spin-two fields.
There cannot exist a unitary theory of a PM spin-two field coupled to Einstein gravity with a perturbatively local Lagrangian, and it is shown that the PM limit of massive gravity also lacks the PM gauge symmetry. Expand
Non-linear partially massless symmetry in an SO(1,5) continuation of conformal gravity
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Nonlinear partially massless (PM) gravity, if it exists, is a theory of massive gravity in which the graviton has four propagating degrees of freedom. In PM gravity, a scalar gauge symmetry removesExpand
Partially massless theory as a quantum gravity candidate
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