Looking for (and not finding) a bulk brane

  title={Looking for (and not finding) a bulk brane},
  author={Wyatt Reeves and Moshe Rozali and Petar Simidzija and James Sully and Christopher Waddell and David Wakeham},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Abstract When does a holographic CFT with a boundary added to it (a BCFT) also have a ‘good’ holographic dual with a localized gravitating end-of-the-world brane? We argue that the answer to this question is almost never. By studying Lorentzian BCFT correlators, we characterize constraints imposed on a BCFT by the existence of a bulk causal structure. We argue that approximate ‘bulk brane’ singularities place restrictive constraints on the spectrum of a BCFT that are not expected to be true… 

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