Looking Forward while looking back


The MSC awards ceremony and shuttles preceeding the Mars Office, the Flight Operations, held on the 16th of this month landing. Engineering and Development, served to recall past accomphshAwards were presented to Medical Research and Operations, meats, to contemplate the future, MSC, contractor, and university Flight Crew Operations, Science and to announce and present personnel who had made major and Applications, Program ConMSC awards to those individuals contributions to Apollo, and, trol and Contracts, and Adminand teams who have excelled in specifically, to the lunar landing istrative Directorates, and to the their contributions to the Apollo of Apollo 11. Dr. Gilruth emphaReliability and Quality Assurance effort, sized that it was the team effort Office, the Safety Office, and the In looking back, Master of of the universities, industry, and White Sands Test Facility. SeCeremonies Richard S. Johnston letted personnel in these areas commented that the ceremony were honored with MSC Certifwas taking place on the day icates of Commendation, "For which commemorated NASA's outstanding technical and man1lth anniversary. Dr. George agement contributions to the Low, the principal speaker, pointApollo Program through superior ed out that one year ago on leadership, professional compeOctober 16, we were just half tence and personaldedication...". way into the first of the manned Those receiving the Certlficates Apollo missions. He went on to were: Arnold D. Aldrich, Glenn F. say that while Apollo 11 repreBailey,FrederickJ. Bailey,Jr., Robert seated a major effort for the V. Battey, Floyd V. Bennett, Ronald Russian Cosmonauts Georgiy Bereg0voy and K0nstantin Feotistov sake of Science, it was only setL Berry, James W. Bilodeau, Donald listen to Glynn Lunney explain Mission Control operations during their ring the stage for the further D. Blume, James E. Bone, Jr., Jerry visit to MSC. exploration of space. The Space government which made Apollo C., Bostick, William C. Bradford, Task Group, he said, in late 11 successful, and regretted that Glenn W. Briggs, DouglasR. Broome, September recommended to the it was impossible to recognize all Jr., William R. Carpentier, M.D., ChiefScientist President that our next focus, or those who contributed, individThomas V. Chambers, John W. Conlong-range goal should be the ually. Ion, Russell C. Connelly, James V. named manned exploration of Mars Group Achievement Awards Correale, Jerry W. Craig, Chris C.

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