Look Both Ways

  title={Look Both Ways},
  author={Todd L. Pittinsky},
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Measuring positive attitudes toward persons with dementia: A validation of the Allophilia scale

The Allophilia scale is a valid assessment tool for measuringpositive attitudes toward persons with dementia and has implications for the design of interventions to facilitate positive attitudes toward members of this out-group.

Australia’s Supply of International Landscape Architectural Services

  • Yun Zhang
  • Political Science
    Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China
  • 2021

Does multicultural personality moderate the relationship between cross-group friendship and allophilia?

It is revealed that cross-group friendship was positively associated with allophilia, and that the relationship was stronger for individuals who scored low on open-mindedness and high on social initiative.

Psychometric properties, factorial structure and construct validity of the Spanish version of the Allophilia Scale

The aim of this study is to adapt and to obtain evidences of validity of the Allophilia Scale to Spanish population. Participants were 960 individuals from all over Spain. Questionnaires to measure

Prejudice by Any Other Name: Conditional Support of Gay Males by Heterosexuals

This paper aims to demonstrate the efforts towards in-situ applicability of survey research on positive attitudes towards sexual Minorities in the context of a youth-services agency.

The ‘Yew Chung model’ of international education: The scope for investigation and research

The Yew Chung Education Foundation operates a network of five international schools in China, plus one in California, serving in total around 5500 children. This article investigates the aims and

Testing the Love Thy Neighbor Hypothesis: Religiosity's Association With Positive Attitudes Toward Ethnic/Racial and Value-Violating Out-Groups

Most religions teach individuals to “love thy neighbor” where “neighbor” extends to out-group members. To date, the love thy neighbor hypothesis, which posits that religiosity is associated with

Liking is not the opposite of disliking: the functional separability of positive and negative attitudes toward minority groups.

Two studies tested the hypotheses that positive and negative attitudes toward minority groups are not interchangeable in predicting positive versus negative behaviors toward those groups. In Study 1,


Genres of Research in Multicultural Education

This article develops a conceptual framework of research genres that illustrate the complex multidisciplinary roots of multicultural education. The primary objective is to provide educational