Longomontanus's ASTRONOMIA DANICA in China

  title={Longomontanus's ASTRONOMIA DANICA in China},
  author={K. Hashimoto},
  journal={Journal for the History of Astronomy},
  pages={110 - 95}
  • K. Hashimoto
  • Published 1987
  • History
  • Journal for the History of Astronomy
Many authors have so far worked on the Ch'ung-Chen Li-Shu (a, 1629-35) and its revised version, the Hsi-Yang Hsin-Fa Li-Shu (b, 1645), which can be regarded as an encyclopaedic work based on the astronomical knowledge introduced from the West (the chiefeditor was the Chinese high scholar-official, Hsu Kuang-Ch'i (c, 1562-1633). It is now well known that this work was based essentially on the Tychonic world system. However, as far as the theories of lunar and planetary motions as well as the… Expand
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Professor Nathan Sivin has suggested that to some extent Longomontanus may have influenced the compilation of the Ch'ung-Chen Li-Shu (see his
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  • 1973
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234-47) on the one hand, and Chiao-Shih L-Chih, chap. I (HFSS, chap. 64)
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