Longitudinal spin Seebeck effect contribution in transverse spin Seebeck effect experiments in Pt/YIG and Pt/NFO

  title={Longitudinal spin Seebeck effect contribution in transverse spin Seebeck effect experiments in Pt/YIG and Pt/NFO},
  author={Daniel Meier and Daniel D. Reinhardt and Michael van Straaten and Christoph Klewe and M Althammer and Michael Schreier and Sebastian T B Goennenwein and Arunava Gupta and Maximilian Schmid and Christian H Back and J. Schmalhorst and Timo Kuschel and G{\"u}nter Reiss},
  booktitle={Nature communications},
The spin Seebeck effect, the generation of a spin current by a temperature gradient, has attracted great attention, but the interplay over a millimetre range along a thin ferromagnetic film as well as unintended side effects which hinder an unambiguous detection have evoked controversial discussions. Here, we investigate the inverse spin Hall voltage of a 10 nm thin Pt strip deposited on the magnetic insulators Y3Fe5O12 and NiFe2O4 with a temperature gradient in the film plane. We show… CONTINUE READING
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