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Longitudinal organization of the anterior neural plate and neural tube.

  title={Longitudinal organization of the anterior neural plate and neural tube.},
  author={K. Shimamura and D. J. Hartigan and S. Martinez and L. Puelles and J. Rubenstein},
  volume={121 12},
  • K. Shimamura, D. J. Hartigan, +2 authors J. Rubenstein
  • Published 1995
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Development
  • Over the last century, several morphological models of forebrain organization have been proposed that hypothesize alternative topological solutions for the relationships of the histogenic primordia. [...] Key Result Specifically, we report that the expression of noggin, sonic hedgehog and Nkx-2.2 define longitudinal columns of cells that are present along the entire CNS axis.Expand Abstract
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