Longitudinal multiple sclerosis lesion segmentation: Resource and challenge

  title={Longitudinal multiple sclerosis lesion segmentation: Resource and challenge},
  author={Aaron Carass and Snehashis Roy and Amod Jog and Jennifer L. Cuzzocreo and Elizabeth M. Sweeney and Adrian Gherman and Julia Button and James Nguyen and Ferran Prados and Carole H. Sudre and Manuel Jorge Cardoso and Niamh Cawley and Olga Ciccarelli and Claudia A. M. Wheeler-Kingshott and S{\'e}bastien Ourselin and Laurence Catanese and Hrishikesh Deshpande and Pierre Maurel and Olivier Commowick and Christian Barillot and Xavier Tomas-Fernandez},
In conjunction with the ISBI 2015 conference, we organized a longitudinal lesion segmentation challenge providing training and test data to registered participants. The training data consisted of five subjects with a mean of 4.4 time-points, and test data of fourteen subjects with a mean of 4.4 time-points. All 82 data sets had the white matter lesions… CONTINUE READING

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