Longitudinal investigation of the abstinence violation effect in binge eaters.

  title={Longitudinal investigation of the abstinence violation effect in binge eaters.},
  author={Carlos M Grilo and Saul Shiffman},
  journal={Journal of consulting and clinical psychology},
  volume={62 3},
This study, guided in part by G. A. Marlatt and J. R. Gordon's (1985) abstinence violation effect (AVE) model, examined whether variability in cognitive and emotional reactions to binges accounts for recurrence of binge eating. Attributional, cognitive, and affective reactions to two successive binges, as well as the latencies between each binge and a subsequent binge, were evaluated through a series of structured phone interviews with 50 nonpurging normal-weight female bingers. Reported mood… CONTINUE READING

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