Longitudinal fecal steroid excretion in maned wolves (Chrysocyon brachyurus).

  title={Longitudinal fecal steroid excretion in maned wolves (Chrysocyon brachyurus).},
  author={A L Velloso and Samuel K Wasser and Steven L. Monfort and James M. Dietz},
  journal={General and comparative endocrinology},
  volume={112 1},
This study used a fecal steroid monitoring technique to evaluate reproductive cycles in male (4) and female (15) maned wolves, endangered South American canids. A radiolabeled testosterone infusion on a male revealed a fast and predominantly fecal route of excretion for this steroid. Testosterone was also excreted as eight unidentified metabolites, which was not the primary form of this steroid quantified in our assays. Fecal steroid concentrations (estradiol, E2; progestins, P; testosterone, T… CONTINUE READING
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