Longitudinal evaluation of hemodynamic changes in eclampsia.

  title={Longitudinal evaluation of hemodynamic changes in eclampsia.},
  author={Gary D. V. Hankins and George D. Wendel and Francis Cunningham and Kenneth J. Leveno},
  journal={American journal of obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={150 5 Pt 1},
Eight primigravid women with eclampsia underwent invasive hemodynamic monitoring shortly after admission and showed initial low right and left ventricular filling pressures, hyperdynamic left ventricular function, and elevated systemic vascular resistance. These findings persisted throughout 12 postpartum hours, with management that consisted of restriction of fluid, magnesium sulfate, and intermittent hydralazine for severe hypertension. Thereafter, those women without spontaneous diuresis had… CONTINUE READING

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