Longitudinal clinical evaluation of post systems: a literature review.

  title={Longitudinal clinical evaluation of post systems: a literature review.},
  author={Carlos Jos{\'e} Soares and Andrea Valdivia and Gisele Rodrigues da Silva and Fernanda Ribeiro Santana and Murilo de Souza Menezes},
  journal={Brazilian dental journal},
  volume={23 2},
In this survey, retrospective and prospective clinical studies dealing with cast-post-and core and fiber posts were reviewed regarding the rate of survival of restorations and the most prevalent failures. Electronic searches of the literature were performed in MEDLINE by crossing the key words: "Fiber post and clinical study", "Fiber post and clinical evaluation", "Cast post-and-core and clinical study", and "Root post and retrospective survival study". The cut-off dates were December 1990… CONTINUE READING
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