Longitudinal bond strength evaluation using the deproteinized dentin technique.

  title={Longitudinal bond strength evaluation using the deproteinized dentin technique.},
  author={Gleyce Oliveira Silva and Daphne C{\^a}mara Barcellos and C{\'e}sar Rog{\'e}rio Pucci and Alessandra B{\"u}hler Borges and Carlos Rocha Gomes Torres},
  journal={General dentistry},
  volume={57 4},
  pages={328-33; quiz 334-5}
This study evaluated bond strength to dentin as a result of storage time for conventional adhesive systems (with or without collagen) that had been deproteinized with 10% sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl). For this study, 72 human molars were sectioned in a mesiodistal axial plane and embedded in acrylic resin; at that point, the vestibular and lingual surfaces were worn down with abrasive paper. Acid etching was performed for 15 seconds (using 37% phosphoric acid) and the specimens were divided into… CONTINUE READING