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Longitudinal Modulational Instabilities

  title={Longitudinal Modulational Instabilities},
  author={Ming-Xiao Yu},
This thesis is a 1.cport 011 sel-era1 aspects uf tlie ~iioc[ulatioiial iiistilbility of a wave propagati~ig ill il riorilinear clisl,ersive niediunl. .-hi iiilpulsc-rcsponse a~i;slysis is perfor~ned analytically to stutly the spatiotern11orul iristi~l)ility of a iiorili~iear ctispersivc wave. Tlie asymptotic Green function is ol)tili~iecl for both riiocl~~latiorially stable i.\nd 11nstable cases. 'I'lie c.oriclitio~is for ai,solutc i ~ ~ i c t onvective i~istability are found, as are the… 
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Laboratory for Laser Energetics
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