Longitudinal Face Modeling via Temporal Deep Restricted Boltzmann Machines

  title={Longitudinal Face Modeling via Temporal Deep Restricted Boltzmann Machines},
  author={Chi Nhan Duong and Khoa Luu and Kha Gia Quach and Tien D. Bui},
  journal={2016 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},
Modeling the face aging process is a challenging task due to large and non-linear variations present in different stages of face development. This paper presents a deep model approach for face age progression that can efficiently capture the non-linear aging process and automatically synthesize a series of age-progressed faces in various age ranges. In this approach, we first decompose the long-term age progress into a sequence of short-term changes and model it as a face sequence. The Temporal… CONTINUE READING