Longevity Activism

  title={Longevity Activism},
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Attitudes towards Aging Prevention: Results of a Focus-Group Study
Social attitudes toward life-extension technologies and use of geroprotective medicines are studied by conducting three focus groups and the idea that aging is a disease convinces a considerable share of the informants when the scientific evidence of the connection between aging processes and aging-related health damage is provided.
Aging Health and R&D for Healthy Longevity Must Be Included into the WHO Work Program
This work aims to contribute to the understanding of why and how age-related disease and disease-related morbidity and mortality in old age are increasing and how to prevent and treat these problems.
It is necessary to establish an International Agency for Research on Aging
Establishing an International Agency for Research on Aging as an entity affiliated to one of the intergovernmental institutions, such as the World Health Organization, can be crucial for promoting international collaboration in gerontology, in particular in a search of effective and safe geroprotectors for humans.
Strategies and Challenges in Clinical Trials Targeting Human Aging
The outcomes of an international meeting co-ordinated by the NIH-funded Geroscience Network to further the goal of developing a translational pipeline to move candidate compounds through clinical trials and ultimately into use are summarized.
A Trial for the ages.
An unprecedented clinical trial is proposed in which half the subjects would get a placebo and half would get an old drug for type 2 diabetes called metformin, which has been shown to modify aging in some animal studies.
The Critical Need to Promote Research of Aging and Aging-related Diseases to Improve Health and Longevity of the Elderly Population.
The following policies are advocated: increasing funding for research and development specifically directed to ameliorate degenerative aging processes and to extend healthy and productive lifespan for the population.
Recognizing Degenerative Aging as a Treatable Medical Condition: Methodology and Policy
The devising of clinically applicable and scientifically grounded definitions and criteria for the multifactorial degenerative aging process (or “senility” using the existing ICD category), underlying major aging-related diseases, as well as for the safety and effectiveness of interventions against it are examined.