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Longest cycles in cyclically 4-edge-connected cubic planar graphs

  title={Longest cycles in cyclically 4-edge-connected cubic planar graphs},
  author={On-Hei Solomon Lo and Jens M. Schmidt},
  journal={Australas. J Comb.},
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It is proved that every essentially 4-connected maximal planar graph G on n vertices contains a cycle of length at least 2 3 (n+ 4); moreover, this bound is sharp.
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It is shown that 45/46 is an upper bound for the shortness coefficient of cyclically 4-edge-connected cubic graphs of genus g with face lengths bounded above by some constant larger than 22 for any prescribed g ≥ 0.
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<jats:p>The circumference of a graph <jats:inline-formula> <math xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML" id="M1"> <mi>G</mi>


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The conjecture that if G is a 3-connected planar graph on n vertices, then G contains a cycle of length at least Ω(nlog32) is proved.
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In this paper, we study the following question: How long a cycle must there be in a 3-connected 3-regular graph on n vertices? For planar graphs this question goes back to Tait [6], who conjectured
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On etablit la conjecture de Thomassen concernant l'existence d'une corde pour tous les plus longs cycles d'un graphe 3-connexe dans le cas d'un graphe planaire s'il est cubique ou si δ≥4
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Younger, Non-Hamiltonian cubic planar maps, Discrete Math
  • 1974
Malkevitch, Pairs of edge-disjoint Hamiltonian circuits, Aequationes Math
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