Longest Common Extensions in Sublinear Space

  title={Longest Common Extensions in Sublinear Space},
  author={Philip Bille and Inge Li G{\o}rtz and Mathias B{\ae}k Tejs Knudsen and Moshe Lewenstein and Hjalte Wedel Vildh{\o}j},
The longest common extension problem (LCE problem) is to construct a data structure for an input string T of length n that supports LCE(i, j) queries. Such a query returns the length of the longest common prefix of the suffixes starting at positions i and j in T . This classic problem has a well-known solution that uses O(n) space and O(1) query time. In this paper we show that for any trade-off parameter 1 ≤ τ ≤ n, the problem can be solved in O( τ ) space and O(τ) query time. This… CONTINUE READING

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