Long-wavelength (/spl lambda/=10 /spl mu/m) quadrupolar-shaped GaAs-AlGaAs microlasers

  title={Long-wavelength (/spl lambda/=10 /spl mu/m) quadrupolar-shaped GaAs-AlGaAs microlasers},
  author={Stefan Gianordoli and L. Hvozdara and Gottfried Strasser and Werner Schrenk and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Faist and Erich Gornik},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics},
In this paper, we present experimental results of our investigations on deformed GaAs-AlGaAs microlasers emitting around /spl lambda/=10 /spl mu/m. These quantum cascade lasers exhibit interesting features regarding the threshold current densities, optical output, and far-field pattern. A slight aberration from a circular cross section decreases the… CONTINUE READING