Long-termed changes in ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) assemblages in a field treated by organic fertilizers

  title={Long-termed changes in ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) assemblages in a field treated by organic fertilizers},
  author={Jana Porhaja{\vs}ov{\'a} and Vladim{\'i}r Petřvalsk{\'y} and Zby{\vs}ek {\vS}ustek and Jana Urminsk{\'a} and Peter Ondri{\vs}{\'i}k and Jaroslav Noskovi{\vc}},
In 2001–2006, ground beetles were pitfall-trapped in a temperate lowland area of South Slovakia in an experimental field divided in five plots fertilized by four different doses of manure or biosludge (25 t stable manure ha−1, 50 t biosludge ha−1, 50 t stable manure ha−1, 100 t biosludge ha−1 and without fertilization). The field was subsequently sown by spring barley, sugar beat, maize, sunflower, sugar beat and maize. The ground beetle assemblage consisted of 31 species, but only five species… CONTINUE READING
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