Long-term survival of patients with stage IV gastric carcinoma.

  title={Long-term survival of patients with stage IV gastric carcinoma.},
  author={Yoshihiro Kakeji and Yoshihiro Maehara and Masaaki Tomoda and Akira Kabashima and Masaki Ohmori and Shinya Oda and Satoshi Ohno and Keizo Sugimachi},
  volume={82 12},
BACKGROUND Survival of patients with Stage IV (based on general rules established by the Japanese Research Society for Gastric Cancer) gastric carcinoma often is unfavorable. Among patients with a poor prognosis, a few do survive > 5 years. The authors examined pathologic and biologic features of tumors of long term survivors. METHODS The authors analyzed data from 442 patients with Stage IV gastric carcinoma, including 20 surviving for > 5 years after gastrectomy (Group A) and 422 who died… CONTINUE READING