Long-term survival of patients with multiple sclerosis in West France.

  title={Long-term survival of patients with multiple sclerosis in West France.},
  author={Emmanuelle Leray and Sean Patrick Morrissey and Jacqueline Yaouanq and Marc Coustans and Emmanuelle Le Page and Jacques Chaperon and Gilles Edan},
  journal={Multiple sclerosis},
  volume={13 7},
In France no data have been published about comparing survival in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients with the general French population. We estimated survival probabilities in MS patients from a major centre for MS in West France. We also compared MS survival with the general population and assessed prognostic parameters. All patients with MS onset after January 1976 and classified as dead or alive on 1 January 2004 were included. One thousand eight-hundred and seventy-nine patients (sex ratio W… CONTINUE READING

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