Long-term soft tissue response to LeFort I maxillary superior repositioning.


The purpose of this study was to compare short-term (approximately 12 months postoperatively) and long-term (24 to 81 months postoperatively) records of 36 patients who underwent superior repositioning of the maxilla via LeFort 1 osteotomies. The parameters of measurement were set up to analyze the net response of the soft tissues of the face to superior repositioning of the maxilla. The results of this study show that soft-tissue changes associated with maxillary impaction are minimal and that no significant differences exist between twelve-month records and five-year records.


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@article{Sarver1991LongtermST, title={Long-term soft tissue response to LeFort I maxillary superior repositioning.}, author={David M. Sarver and Scott M. Weissman}, journal={The Angle orthodontist}, year={1991}, volume={61 4}, pages={267-76} }