Long-term relations among prosocial-media use, empathy, and prosocial behavior.

  title={Long-term relations among prosocial-media use, empathy, and prosocial behavior.},
  author={Sara Prot and Douglas A. Gentile and Craig A. Anderson and Kanae Suzuki and Edward L. Swing and Kam Ming Lim and Yukiko Horiuchi and Margareta Jeli{\'c} and Barbara Krah{\'e} and Wei Liuqing and Albert Kien Liau and Angeline Khoo and Poesis Diana Petrescu and Akira Sakamoto and Sachi Tajima and Roxana Toma and Wayne A. Warburton and Xuemin Zhang and Ben Chun Pan Lam},
  journal={Psychological science},
  volume={25 2},
Despite recent growth of research on the effects of prosocial media, processes underlying these effects are not well understood. Two studies explored theoretically relevant mediators and moderators of the effects of prosocial media on helping. Study 1 examined associations among prosocial- and violent-media use, empathy, and helping in samples from seven… CONTINUE READING