Long-term relapses in breast cancer patients (estrogen receptor status).

  title={Long-term relapses in breast cancer patients (estrogen receptor status).},
  author={S Basso-Ricci and Danila Coradini and Cesare Bartoli and Fabiana Soncini and Lorenza Gandola},
  volume={81 4},
To investigate the relation between estrogen receptor (ER) status and timing of relapse, we retrospectively studied two groups of patients (200 cases in each group) who underwent radical mastectomy and developed an early relapse (within 3 years of the surgery) or a long-term relapse (more than 8 years after surgery). One-hundred and eighty-two (91%) patients who developed a long-term relapse were ER-positive (ER+), whereas only 64% of patients who developed an early relapse were ER+ (P < 0.001… CONTINUE READING