Long-term pulmonary function after total laryngectomy.

  title={Long-term pulmonary function after total laryngectomy.},
  author={Annemieke H. Ackerstaff and Frans J. M. Hilgers and Alfons J. M. Balm and Nico van Zandwijk},
  journal={Clinical otolaryngology and allied sciences},
  volume={20 6},
In 58 laryngectomized patients pulmonary function tests were performed during a routine visit to the outpatient clinic. The assessment of pulmonary function with an extratracheal device could easily and reliably be accomplished in all instances. The results show that in long-term follow-up post-laryngectomy expiratory lung function values are significantly lower than predicted. Of the various subjective respiratory complaints, only a higher frequency of coughing was statistically significantly… CONTINUE READING